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This lively and quick witted half pint is from Long Beach, Long Island (where she currently resides). She considers herself a “muttagree” of Russian, Polish and Austrian heritage.


Lilo began her theatrical career as a young singer. She sang Happy Birthday to Harold Prince and got cast in Evita on Broadway- alongside Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin. A dream come true. For when she was three years old, made the proclamation out loud and to her Mother while watching Sesame Street, that she wanted to be on TV just like  Loretta Long (Susan Robinson).


Lilo has appeared in numerous Theatre productions,Voice-overs, Commercials, Film and TV. And received her BA degree in Theatre and Speech from Wagner College

It’s been said, she has the capacity for capturing her audiences off guard. She radiates sex appeal, courage and self confidence and her openness and professionalism shows up in everything she does. She is “Sunshine In A Bottle” with the most infectious laugh and has the innate ability to light up a room with her smile.


With years of professional training in Meisner and Improv in both NYC and Los Angeles, she is consistently learning and growing as a human and as an artist. Speaking of Art. When Lilo isn’t pursuing acting, she can be found in her basement-creating Art. Painting is her latest endeavor.You can also find her  beach combing with her dog Olive, while practicing her amateur photography skills.


If you want a perfectly blended Cake, mix equal parts- 

      Kathryn Hahn, Megan Mullally, Jennifer Grey and

      Toni Collette with a hint of Jennifer Aniston and you would get LILO.


 She’s “Five foot one from the floor, cause y’all

 couldn’t handle any  more”- Kelly Perine

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